Typical components of a basic “Rain Catchers” system are:

  • The catchment surface; for roof collection systems, this is the roof surface.
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • The storage tank
  • A water delivery system;  this may be a simple spigot and a hose on a rain barrel or a pump system that supplies an irrigation system

First-flush diverters may be useful to remove the first flush of water after runoff begins.  Leaf screens may be useful to keep debris out of the collected water;  such screens will need maintenance to prevent clogging as they collect leaves and other debris.

Depending on location, local conditions, and materials used, tanks and their plumbing may not need any special preparations for winter weather.  Valves may need testing the following spring as they are susceptible to damage by freezing water. 

It is important to know the local regulations.  In all cases, building codes, health department stipulations and water supply company requirements should be followed to prevent cross connection.  Obtaining permits, using certified plumbers, or allowing inspections of completed installations may be required.

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