We have conducted two water conservation programs at Sun Ridge Charter School--an installation in 2014 and an innovative art-and-science project in 2018.



We worked on a STEAM project with a 4th Grade class at SunRidge School this past spring of 2018 on our innovative science-and-art in the classroom.  This project involved a hydrology lesson, visit to the school's Rain Catcher system, and several art lessons as the students helped us illustrate our proposed Rain Catchers picture book.  The students learned, understood, and retained their hyrdrologic lessons better with this combined art project than with our prior program efforts that did nit include the art element.  We are currently working to incorporate the art element into all of our future Rain Catchers installation efforts.  The Picture Book is in layout preparation, and we will have more information posted about the student-illustrated picture book toward the end of 2018.


The "Rain Catcher" at the Sun Ridge Charter School, Sebastopol, Sonoma County, was installed in 2014 by the NCRC&DC.  Our NCRC&DC Water Conservationist (along with a volunteer from Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District) worked with the school in designing the system, and we purchased and delivered the tank, plumbing, and all needed supplies to the site for installation.    The tank and the garden area can be seen in this great video--check it out: Rain Catchers in Your School