California has experienced vwery severe droughts recently, and over the long term we do not have enough water for people, agriculture, fish and wildlife.  We all must do our part to conserve!

Water conservation is easy--simple steps like drip irrigation, water-smart plantings, running full loads in your dishwasher and washing machine--all of these are easy to do and every little bit helps.  Every drop counts!  Everyone can learn how to save water, especially our youth who will be the leaders of the future.  Check out for information and activities on water conservation that are good for kids.

In times past, before we had paved roads, developed cities, and acres-upon-acres of impermeable surfaces, water would fall during the hydrologic cycle and penetrate the earth, recharging our groundwaters, as well as flow down our landscapes to creeks and rivers, further adding to the hyrdologic cycle balance.  Now, storms tend to produce runoff more quickly in the urban areas, and much of the water that flows down our streams is quickly routed out to the sea.  "Slow it, Sink it, Spread it"  is a term that captures the new recognition that traditional building and landscaping practices designed to dispose of stormwater as quickly as possible are not healthy for our ecosystems. The old style of routing water as quickly as possible into the storm drain system can result in increased erosion and flooding damage to land, structures, and the surrounding environment. Slowing down, spreading and sinking stormwater can help return our ecosystem to a more balanced state, and protect people's property at the same time.  Using "Rain Catchers" we can collect rooftop rainwater to provide an alternative source of water for irrigation, conserve drinking water, and promote groundwater recharge and more.  Check out  A Homeowner's and Landowner's Guide to Beneficial Stormwater Management on the Sonoma Resource Conservation District website.  This useful guide shows how you can improve your home and property (and increase its value) with some easy management tips.

What you do matters for everyone, so please take a moment and assess your areas to save on water use and conserve this important resource.  If we all do our part in conserving California's water, we can make a huge difference for the environment.  Water conservation means using our water wisely and caring for it properly. 

In addition to the great information above, here's another site that also has handy tips!

Of course, building a Rain Catcher is a great idea, and we can help you do that!